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Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA)

  Total Revenue Total Expenses Reported Political Expenditures
2000 $2,714,035     $2,781,317     $43,050    
2001 $4,478,955     $4,491,537     $2,500    
2002 $6,931,053     $6,708,882     $18,991    

  Number of $5,000+ Contributors Largest Contributor
2000 1     $520,000*    
2001 N/A     $500,000**    
2002 N/A     N/A    

  Sum of $5,000+ Contributions Revenue from $5,000 Contributors
2000 $520,000     19.2%    
2001 N/A     N/A    
2002 N/A     N/A    
Financial data is taken exclusively from 990 tax forms, which, by law, are a matter of public record.
A political expenditure is defined in the IRS's instructions for the 990 form as an expenditure "intended to influence the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of anyone to a federal, state, or local public office, or office in a political organization, or the election of presidential or vice presidential electors."
** * Public Citizen has not obtained the LEAA's schedule of contributors for 2001. However, the NRA reported a contribution of $500,000 to the LEAA that year. It is the largest known contribution that the LEAA received. ** The National Rifle Association reported making a grant of $577,886 to the LEAA in 2000. The sole contribution of over $5,000 reported by the LEAA in 2000 was $520,000.

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